Appeals & Trial Support

Our firm provides comprehensive representation and support in all appeals or extraordinary writs generated from cases within the firm, as well as appeals that have been referred to us by other attorneys. Our appellate work includes those practice areas in which we routinely represent clients at the trial level, as well as the representation of contractors, tenants, corporations, officers, directors, partners, and insurance companies involved in all aspects of appellate litigation.

Whether the claims arise pursuant to contract, statute, common law, equity or combinations of each, we competently litigate the issues and focus on the facts and applicable law in order to make every reasonable effort to achieve the client's goals. Our firm also provides flexible pricing options for performing legal work at the appellate level, including flat rates where appropriate. Moreover, the Kish Law Firm provides in-depth trial support, including research and drafting of complex legal memoranda, jury instructions, trial motions, motions inlimine, summary judgment and directed verdict motions, and personal support at the trial and post-trial levels in all of Florida’s State and Federal courts.

At the Kish Law Firm, we provide quality and efficient legal representation on your appeal and in support of your trial team. Whether you are an attorney seeking assistance with your client's appeal, written documents and submissions, or consultation on trial strategy, or you are a party in need of representation on appeal, we have the experience, skill, and commitment to provide efficient, high quality legal writing and analysis on a wide array of legal issues, and covering most substantive areas.